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Ruben Echevarria, PhD

Welcome! Ruben Echevarria-Learning Experience Design (RE-LXD) is all about developing stress-free and relaxed learning experiences. Please feel free to browse and learn more about what makes RE-LXD unique. I am currently at capacity with projects until October 2023, but please fill out the "Contact Me" form at the bottom of the site so we can discuss your project and timeline.

What is learning experience design?

Learning Experience Design is a learner-centered approach to designing, implementing, and evaluating learning opportunities. RE-LXD leverages sociocultural and cognitive psychology, user experience design, and educational technology to create learner-centered experiences that promote meaningful engagement, learning, and development. Learning experiences can take shape as professional developments, training/upskilling, video tutorials, school courses, eLearning, and more!

What are RE-LXD's qualifications?

I lead RE-LXD with the support of collaborators and mentors. I earned a PhD and MA from Northwestern University in the field of Learning Sciences (the science of learning), and I have over 13 years of teaching experience across three universities and community programs. In contrast to companies and firms in the education industry led by individuals who did not study teaching and learning, I leverage my rich theoretical and practical understandings of how people learn to design, implement, and evaluate learning experiences.

When is RE-LXD the right choice?

Please consider RE-LXD for all things learning. More information about RE-LXD's services can be found below. Generally, we engage in learner-centered methodologies to understand problems and contribute to design solutions through a series of testing and iterating with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other stakeholders. This approach has proven to invite a more equitable approach to learning across ages, industries, and domains with great success.

How can we hire RE-LXD for a project?

RE-LXD currently takes on one project at a time because of the personalized and research-informed approach to designing, implementing, and evaluating learning experiences. However, this does not mean that projects are completed at a slow pace. In fact, the opposite is true because working on one project at a time allows us more time and energy to dedicate to each task. In addition, you can expect clear and top-notch communication every step of the way, so you never have to stress about not knowing what stage your project is in.


Design & Content Production

Do you want to update outdated and unengaging training materials or incorporate online learning? RE-LXD combines learning sciences and design expertise to create engaging, effective learning content tailored to your needs with the following services:

- Instructor-Led Training Materials
- OnDemand Video Production
- eLearning Module Design and Development

Training & Facilitation

Are you considering how to support your internal trainers with upskilling initiatives, or do you need a professional facilitator to deliver your training sessions? RE-LXD can facilitate engaging and interactive training sessions using research-informed methodologies with the following services:

- Educator and Trainer Training
- In-Person and Virtual Training Session
- Research-Informed Training Facilitation

Evaluation & Improvement

Are you wondering if your training programs are effective or thinking about what can be done to improve learning initiatives (e.g., onboarding, upskilling, etc.)? RE-LXD can help you understand how well your training programs are working and how they can be further optimized with the following services:

- Learning Outcomes Assessment
- Training Effectiveness Evaluation
- Feedback Analysis and Implementation

Learning Strategy & Consultation

Are you seeking support to choose the best ways to deliver training or effectively leverage technology in your learning programs? RE-LXD will help you develop a strategic plan for your learning initiatives and guide you on research-informed practices with the following services:

- High-Level Training Consultation
- Learning Strategy Development
- Curriculum Planning and Alignment

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